Innovation Academy

When I was on the faculty of Harvard Business School from 1982-1996, I developed and taught courses on innovation and entrepreneurship to executives and MBA students.  My elective – Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Organizations – was subscribed to by almost 2000 second year MBA students and I’m still getting comments about it to this day.  My executive program on managing innovation was rated 4.8 out of 5 in its first year and attracted executives from major companies around the world.

More recently, I’ve focused my pedagogy for the needs of senior public servants who are grappling with issues of innovation strategy and execution.  For example I served as a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Innovation at the US Naval Postgraduate School and also designed courses on innovation for the Naval Sea Systems Command over a three year period.  I have just completed a stint as a distinguished visiting fellow at the Singapore Civil Service College and am now developing curricula for the Government of Victoria and other public sector agencies.

My approach to innovation pedagogy is highly customized, although it builds on a body of knowledge that creates a spine for virtually any pedagogical effort.